“Sculpture” Gardens

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Articles
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We have just returned from a scenic walk along the banks of the Schuylkill river. The walk was quite nice, despite being in the middle of the city of Philadelphia. We take one such journey nearly every weekend, and it is sadly the only exercise available to us here in the city. We like to go from the beginning of the trail and travel to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which, although we pass it weekly, we have never visited for the purpose of looking at art…perhaps a review of the museum and the art inside is in order.

The topic of this post is clearly stated in the title, and it is the sculpture gardens, which are located just outside the art museum. We have visited these gardens multiple times, and although I can’t say I’m impressed with the artwork there, I will tell you just a little about it. Before I begin, however, I should tell you that though the sculptures themselves are not amazing, the area around the gardens is actually quite nice. It is well-kept and very neat, with small trees growing here and there. If you look out of the gardens opposite the museum, you see a small man-made waterfall, which is accessible by the aforementioned path, which ventures out to within feet of the structure. It is quite nice to look at it, not only from close up but from a distance as well. But then you turn a corner and there are the sculptures.

The first two sculptures are built with cubes set on top of each other. The first is a pyramid, and the second is a thing called “steps.” Not surprisingly, it resembles two sets of steps facing each other. Further along, there is a large electrical plug, and a stone with chips in it, called “Origin.” Up ahead, a tall and wavy rock entitled “Dance.” Other sculptures include “Rain Mountain,” “Rock Chair,” and “Untitled.” My personal favorite is a sculpture of a naked human, curled into a ball. It is called “Steel Woman 2.” All in all, I was not impressed by the sculptures. As my young brother said, “Some of them look like they were made with Lego’s by a 5 year old.”

by Niles

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