The Cosmic Cafe and the Street Vender

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Articles
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Coming down from the sculpture gardens, we decided to see what was further down the path. We found that there was a cafe called The Cosmic Cafe and a bunch of boating clubs along the banks of the Schuylkill River. The first time we didn’t buy anything from them, but the second time we went there we bought two rolls for $1. The rolls were really good, and originally we were just going to eat them, but we saw some geese, so we threw some bread to them. (Feeding the geese is illegal according to this one person and fine with another, so if a cop stops us we’ll just say we didn’t know). The third time we went, we wanted to get some rolls, but the Cosmic Cafe was out. We asked if there were any soft pretzels. Again they had none, but they did tell us that there is a street vender down the road who sells soft pretzels. We then went and bought a soft pretzel from him. It was really good, and if the Cosmic Cafe is ever out of rolls again, we’ll probably go to him again if we want some food.

by John

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