Willie’s Treble Hook

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Articles
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On the latest episode on Swamp People, Willie Edwards and his dad Junior were hunting in different boats in order to catch more alligators. Willie was hunting with his brother Randy and his dad was hunting with Malcolm. The treble hook is an Edwards’ family tradition that they use to catch gators in open water. They throw the hook in open water at where they think a gator is, and that way they can catch live alligators in open water, pull them in, and shoot them. The treble hook is just a homemade hook with three hooks firmly cemented into a case filled with hardened lead. Well, Junior said Willie couldn’t have a treble hook that day and that he wanted Willie to catch gators by hooking them on a baited line. So Willie didn’t have a treble hook to hunt with, and he wasn’t happy. So what did he do? He went home and made a new treble hook. He caught some good-sized alligators with his treble hook but unfortunately, they didn’t show Junior’s reaction when he came home to hear that Willie had just made a treble hook because he wouldn’t give him one. We thought it was really funny that he just made another one after Junior told him he couldn’t have one. If you want to watch, go to the History Channel where a new Swamp People episode plays every Thursday at 9/8 (central).

by John

  1. D. KELLEY says:

    At least a size 18 or 20…I HAVE A 14 AND MOST NON TV ALLIGATOR HUNTERS UE 14, OR 16…W,ILLIE AND JRS.

  2. Deerhunter says:

    Does anybody know what size of hooks Willie use to make his treble hooks

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