Greg Little John Fails!

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Articles
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As you might have guessed, we basically hate Greg Little John. We’ve always wanted him to get kicked off Top Shot, but he’s still there. On the most recent episode, the blue team won but we still got to see Greg fail.

First I want to say that another funny thing happened on that episode. On the red team, a guy named Chee didn’t do so well either. Part of the challenge was to swing across from one platform to another platform. Chee went first for the red team, and he didn’t make it across. His team members cheered him on, but he failed to make it to the platform about three times. Finally he made it, but it definitely set the red team back a lot.

Now for Greg! The gun they were using was a Kentucky Flintlock. Greg had a little trouble in practice getting the gun ready to shoot, and he also couldn’t pull the trigger because he was too weak. In the team challenge, he forgot to cock the gun, and so he couldn’t pull the trigger. He sat there for a LONG time trying to pull the trigger and finally one of his teammates asked him if he’d fully cocked the gun. He hadn’t, of course, and even after he did, he took about two minutes to shoot. He also had trouble holding the gun steady.  The red team messed up big time, or else they would have won the challenge. There are some people whom we don’t like on the red team, but unfortunately, Iggy went home, and we liked Iggy.

by John

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