The Silent Assassin Makes a Good Move

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Articles
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On the latest episode of Top Shot, the red team lost the team challenge and had to send two of their members to compete against each other. Before going to the nomination range, they decided that they would send Chris and Chee into the elimination match up. This was not a very good idea because Chris and Chee are two of the red team’s best shooters and one of them was going home no matter what. When they reached the nomination range, everybody voted for either Chris or Chee, but when Kyle stepped up, he voted for Tim. (In the beginning, Kyle called himself the silent assassin, so that’s what we always call him.) His reason for voting for Tim was that the red team was going to lose a good shooter who had done nothing to deserve elimination. We were glad the silent assassin voted for Tim because Tim missed his shot with the Kentucky Flintlock on the last episode which was part of the reason the red team lost.

After Kyle voted for Tim, Gary voted for Tim as well, and so it was Tim against Chris. Chris won, and we were glad because we didn’t like Tim that much. We used to dislike the silent assassin, but he did make a good move so we don’t mind him any more.

by Dink

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