Drama on Top Shot

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Articles
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Halfway through the most recent episode of Top Shot, I think my liking for Chee and Gabby went down. The eight people left were doing a sniper challenge, and you had ten minutes or twenty shots to hit a target 1,500 yards down range. Whoever took the longest to hit the target went home immediately and the next three people who did the worst could be voted into elimination. It turned out that Gabby took the most time to hit the target, so she went home. Chee was very sad because he and Gabby had gotten to be good friends, and like Greg, he looked like he was going to cry! Gabby was crying too and it was mildly disturbing. It seems Top Shot is turning into a soap opera, although it isn’t really their fault. I wonder where all these people come from.

Anyway, Gregory Little John is STILL on Top Shot. 😦 He just won’t go home! It turned out that William went home, which is a good thing because William was being really annoying on the last few episodes. Chris made an incredible come back during elimination round with William. He was really trailing behind, but then he caught up and then won.

Oh well. The episode was entertaining, but not very fulfilling, because I would have liked Greg to go home. Hopefully he will be kicked off next week, but we’ll see.

by John

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