The King of the Swamp

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last night we watched the last episode of Swamp People where Liz, RJ and Jay Paul, and Troy tagged out. Unfortunately, Bruce wasn’t able to tag out, but he tried really hard. He just had a really bad season apparently. This episode was a very good one, but we didn’t like the fact that they were turning the show into a contest between RJ and Troy. RJ was trying to earn the title “King of the Swamp” by catching 500 alligators in the whole season. It’s really cool that he was able to catch that many alligators in just thirty days, but we still think that Troy should be the king of the swamp because his last gator was 13′ 7”, and RJ’s was 13′. Also, Troy caught 470 gators total, which is only 30 less gators than RJ. Troy took a whole day off to help a buddy and we think that counts for a lot too because he did it in the last week of the season. He knew it meant he might not tag out, but it was more important to him to help another person than to help himself.

We don’t like the fact that RJ is always saying he’s the king of the swamp. He might just be joking, but we don’t know for sure and we like Troy so we don’t like RJ saying he’s better than him. RJ also sometimes brags about himself but I think he’s definitely¬†joking then because he’s always smiling like he’s being joking.

The show never said who was the king of the swamp. I guess they left that up to the watcher to decide. To us, Troy’s the King of the Swamp, but we hope they quit making the show a competition. It isn’t necessary and it kind of ruins the show.

by Dink and John

  1. Mike says:

    If you look at the size in general of RJ’s Troy has him right there.. For every one that is 8-10′ theres 20 that are 3-6′ in the long run small gators and a bunch of them dont add up to what Troy catches…

  2. RLFB says:

    Troy may get the same amount as RJ, but it takes him twice as many boats and just as many days. RJ deserves the title!

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