Survivorman Show Review

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Reviews
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Survivorman is a show where Les Stroud (he calls himself “Survivorman”) goes out into the wild where no one else is and survives there for 7 days. He films the whole episode by himself. He goes into places like the a Georgian Swamp, the Kalahari Desert, and a Canadian Forest. His camera crew drops him off and then he is on his own until they pick him up seven days later.

While Survivorman is surviving, he usually eats a lot of plants and berries and sometimes he catches small animals. He also usually sets up a shelter of some kind, depending on what environment he’s in. Survivorman is VERY good at surviving because he knows a lot of plants that you can eat and he also knows a lot of survival tricks. This show is very entertaining and on a scale from one to ten I would rate it a ten and Dink would rate it ten as well.

by John

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