The Groundhog In Action

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Articles, Videos

Last year, we wrote several articles concerning the groundhog in our yard, but we’ve never gotten a picture of him, much less a video, because they are easily scared. Last year, we set traps for him because groundhogs always get into the garden, but the groundhog last year never seemed interested. He was content grazing on the grass in our back yard. We wrote about that groundhog in our article, The Well – Behaved Groundhog.

We believe the very same groundhog is still living under the deck. We were able to get him on film so that you can see him. He’s quite fun to watch, in our opinion. It is true that he sits still for long periods of time, but he is just making sure that everything is alright before he moves on. If groundhogs hear a noise or see a motion that scares them, they will run back to their home. We had a pretty hard time actually getting him on film, because he would hear us or see us and dash back under the deck. We had to be very quiet to get footage of him. We see him a lot, but we usually wind up scaring him except yesterday, when we got a video of him.

The time we actually got to film him, he was coming up onto our deck, and he stopped moving and looked in the direction of our house for a long time. Finally, he began moving again. We think that this footage is very interesting to watch, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

by John

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