Baby Groundhogs

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Articles, Videos
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We recently found out that there are three baby groundhogs living under our deck along with the groundhog that we just wrote about. If they get into garden this year, they’ll have three times the eating force, so let’s hope they don’t get to the garden. We tried to get as much good footage of these baby groundhogs as we could, but it was hard because they are very shy and don’t like to go out from under the deck. They are rather hard to see in the video, but sometimes you can see them pretty well. I advise that if you watch the video, watch it full screen. It does help a lot. (There is a printer making a lot of noise about halfway through the video, by the way. Sorry about that!)

We did a little research and found out that baby groundhogs are usually born toward the end of March or early April. By midsummer, baby groundhogs, also known as cubs or kits, have usually moved out of the original den and built a small burrow for themselves. It is often very close to their parents’ burrow, and is not their official home, but later they make a permanent one that is farther away. Groundhogs, apart from mating season, are very solitary animals. Perhaps these three cubs living under the deck will move out soon, and maybe even out of our yard when they make their permanent burrow.

In our yard, there is a wisteria tree, and it looks very nice. Today we saw the big groundhog climbing it to try and eat its leaves (or flowers, I don’t know). It was very interesting to see. We had no idea groundhogs could jump onto a tree trunk and climb up it! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a video of him. We did get some pictures of the wisteria tree, though. We hope you like the pictures and the video!

by John

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