Gabby & Chee on Top Shot’s Season 5

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Before saying anything about this episode, we wanted to say that one funny thing about the way most of the shows begin, is Colby saying, “Good morning, Shooters”. Then, the shooters say, “Good morning, Colby”. We just think it sounds like a school room teacher saying good morning to her class and the students responding likewise. Anyway…..

Season 5 Episode 3 was called “Pick Your Poison” because contestants had to pick the person they wanted to go up against. Colby would select a random name and then that person called out their competitor. Then Colby would select another name and that person selected their competitor and so on, until there were only two people left – and then those two people would compete against one another. There were 14 shooters and the top 7 shooters were safe from elimination, leaving the bottom 7 to compete on the proving ground. Two of those shooters were Gabby and Chee.

Anyway…. in this episode, we got to witness Chee sitting next to Gabby on the bench and we were also treated to Gabby & Chee making brownies together. They were still good friends which was kind of nice to see. Last season, Chee sent Gabby home and they were both teary-eyed. This time, unbelievably, Gabby and Chee had to go up against each other in elimination because they shot the worst in the proving ground.

For elimination, they had to shoot the same plate setup that they shot in season 4. There were 4 or 5 rows of 6 plates, each row having successively smaller plates. Starting at the top row, the row with the biggest plates, they shot from left to right. They had to shoot 6 for 6 because if they missed one plate, all 6 plates would pop back up forcing the shooter to start all over (on that row). Well, Chee did really poorly not even getting past the 2nd row. Gabby was awesome, maintaining great focus all the way down to the very last plate.

It was good to see one of the female shooters actually be able to shoot. All the rest of the women in past seasons of Top Shot would be bragging about themselves but they all got eliminated almost immediately. It seemed like they were just the token women competitors taking up a valuable spot. We knew from Season 4 that Gabby was different and that she could shoot unlike the other ones. Not only that, but we don’t think she’s ever bragged about herself. She is really nice and pretty quiet, making her even more likable. Chee was nice too, albeit a little goofy.

It would be really cool if Gabby could win the competition and I think at least some of us will be rooting for her.

by John and Dink

  1. You made what I feel is an incorrect statement when you said “All the rest of the women in past seasons of Top Shot would be bragging about themselves but they all got eliminated almost immediately.” In season 1, the woman was doing really well, but had to leave due to family issues. If I remember correctly, her father was really sick.

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