Groundhog Bait

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We recently caught another groundhog in the trap. This time, we used watermelon and jade plant as bait. The watermelon was too old to eat, so we put it into the trap since we had to throw it away anyway. A groundhog went in the next day and ate the watermelon. This is why we think he went in for the watermelon, as opposed to the jade plant that was already in there.

He was a very young groundhog who lived under our deck. There is at least one more living next to our neighbor’s driveway. There might also be one living under our playhouse. A long time ago, a groundhog lived under there and we think there might be another one now, because we saw new burrows. If you are having trouble catching a groundhog, you might try watermelon as a bait.

by Dink and John

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