Raising Awareness on GeoEngineering

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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GeoEngineering is weather modification on a global scale. GeoEngineering (otherwise known as climate engineering) includes spraying what many call chemtrails in the air for the purpose of blocking out the sun with metal particulates. There are many GeoEngineering programs going on in the world right now.

Dane Wigington is a GeoEngineering researcher and he lives in Shasta County, CA, in a solar home that he built. He has been studying and researching meteorology and atmospheric change since the late 1990s. He began research on GeoEngineering in 2001 when he noticed that the trails planes left over his home slowed its solar making capability. He is now the lead researcher and administrator for a website called GeoEngineeringWatch.org.

GeoEngineering programs are run by various corporations around the world and more than one country participates in the practice; namely, the U.S.and China. It is believed that Russia is also taking part in GeoEngineering programs. The reason these programs are being run is to alter the weather, but why they want to do this is unclear. Global warming is the reason that is given.

Although there is more than enough data to show that GeoEngineering is going on including actual footage of tankers spraying, many people do not believe that the government is really spraying chemicals in the air. These people say that the chemtrail theory is a conspiracy theory and continue to put faith into their government. Why they deny that the government is spraying chemtrails is something of a mystery. The U.S. government is guilty of too many crimes to count. For instance, they have had the military bomb innocent people around the world starting with Hiroshima in 1945. Today, they continue to bomb and injure civilians in the Middle East. Another example is that they have been caught blatantly lying to the American public on more than occasion. In short, the U.S. government is currently a very corrupt organization. It seems like you cannot put anything past these people, including the spraying of potentially harmful chemicals in the air. Additionally, as Mr. Wigington pointed out, we are not dealing with normal sane people. We are rather dealing with people who seemingly do not care what they do to the earth or the people in it, so long as they can run their experiments or make a profit. Although a lot of people do not know what GeoEngineering is, most meteorologists know what is going on in regards to chemtrails. Apparently, they are taken into rooms and told not to discuss the issue.

Even while meteorologists are silent about GeoEngineering on air, and many people are ignorant of GeoEngineering altogether, its effects are taking place right now. GeoEngineering is very bad for the earth and its inhabitants. This should not be too hard to guess. People cannot expect to play around with something as fragile as the Earth’s natural systems and experience no negative consequences. Among other things, GeoEngineering is trapping more heat than it deflects, it is depleting the ozone layer, it is stopping the hydrological cycle, it is killing the boreal forest, and it is poisoning our waters and soil. GeoEngineering also acidifies the ocean, which results in massive fish die-offs. GeoEngineering increases electrical conductivity in the atmosphere, adding to the amount of lightning and, as a result, increases the number of wildfires. GeoEngineering alters the weather patterns, alters the rain cycles, and alters the wind and ocean currents. The alteration of ocean currents seems to be a major factor in the huge deposits of methane hydrate that is being released from the ocean floor right now in various places around the globe. As this methane enters the atmosphere, it traps large amounts of heat because methane is a very potent greenhouse gas, much more effective than CO2, the “regular” greenhouse gas. This heat makes more ice melt, warming the Arctic Ocean, which allows even more methane to escape, and so on. This is called the feedback loop and it is perhaps one of the most disturbing problems with GeoEngineering. In fact, if the feedback loop continues, Earth could end up like Venus – a very hot planet that is devoid of all life. According to Mr. Wigington GeoEngineering is the single greatest environmentally destructive factor in the Earth right now.

Based on Dane Wigington’s presentation speech (the link to it is given below), I believe that GeoEngineering is really happening and that it is not good. GeoEngineering programs should be stopped before everything on the planet dies. Probably everyone can agree on that.


by Dink

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