Why Has Illegal Immigration Become Such an Issue For America?

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Articles

Illegal Immigration is a serious problem in America today. Problems with illegal immigration began in the later part of the 20th century and have continued until this present day. There are now an estimated 7 to 20 million illegal immigrants in America. No other country in the world has a problem with illegal immigrants like America does. When other countries identify an illegal immigrant in their land, they have him deported.

Why is it so important that illegal immigrants be deported? The main reason that they should be deported is also the simplest reason. They are here illegally so they should be expelled according to the laws of America.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with simply banishing them. Now that illegal immigrants have been here for decades, they have had children. American law states that any baby born in America is automatically an American citizen whether or not its parents are citizens. Some people are against deporting illegal immigrants because that would split families up. It is a real problem and it is a growing problem because the American government is continuing to welcome illegal immigrants into the country.

How did illegal immigration become such a problem in the first place? Well, somewhere down the line, our government stopped enforcing the border, which allowed illegal immigrants to get in and start multiplying. The American government was not careful to keep them out and as a result Americans have a big problem on their hands now. Recently, I was reminded by my parents that sometimes I run into problems because I have not paid heed to small details in my life. If you are faithful in all the little things, life tends to go a lot smoother, but if you let the little things slip, you can make a real problem for yourself. For instance, if you like your room to be clean and in order, then doing the little things like making your bed and putting items back when you are finished with them will accomplish that job. If you neglect the little things, you will end up with a messy room which is not pleasant to spend time in. This is what happened with the illegal immigrants. If the government had never relaxed about illegal immigrants then there would be no problem today. Our country would still welcome immigrants, but in a way which would maintain order in America.

People do not know what to do about the problem of illegal immigrants now but the government might make a start by at least closing the border so no more illegal immigrants can get in. That is one of their jobs after all and because of their neglect, all of our lives are becoming a big mess.

by Dink

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