The Signs Against Graffiti got Graffitied

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Articles
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While walking down the Schuylkill River path, we noticed that the two signs that mentioned graffiti (written about in another article (The Skate Park Already Got Vandalized) were recently scribbled all over. It’s a little ironic because the signs were an appeal to stop writing graffiti everywhere.

We were pretty sure this would happen because those two signs directly complained about graffiti. None of the other signs got vandalized, just the two that mentioned graffiti. As soon as you tell vandals not to write graffiti, they will usually do it more, and these signs are a good example. When we first saw these signs, we said, “We should get a picture of these and write an article, then when they get graffiti on them we should take more pictures and put those up, too.” Sure enough, they were vandalized and here are the pictures!

by Dink and John

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