Rat Hunting

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Articles, Videos
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On Sunday at around 11:00pm, we went rat hunting because we heard there was a rat problem in Rittenhouse Square, a neighborhood in Philadelphia. As we walked the perimeter of Rittenhouse Park, we didn’t seeing any rats, to our disappointment. When we decided to go into the park, however, we saw lots of them. We were walking calmly along in the park when we saw a rat scuttle across the path and join two of his brethren near a trash can. Unfortunately, in the dim light it was hard for the camera to see them. We did have a flashlight, but it wasn’t quite bright enough because the batteries were low.

Tonight, we went back to Rittenhouse Park armed with fresh batteries in the flashlight. We went at dusk, which is supposedly when the rats are mainly out. We went to the place where we had seen them yesterday, and sat down on a bench next to a trash can. We thought this would probably be the best spot, since rats always go near trash cans anyway.

As we settled down to wait, we noticed that there were lots of people and dogs around. This made it harder to get any rats on film because the people walking scared them, and their dogs sometimes chased them, but we did finally succeed in filming a few. The video quality is pretty low sometimes, but we hope you like it anyway!

As a side thought, people like to go to music concerts around here, but we go rat-hunting šŸ™‚

  1. Dr. Harvey W. Sazerac says:

    I’m glad you could take take this video because it really illustrates the need to manage the rat population in the park. I wish the city of Philadelphia would be more supportive of rat hunting, instead of incarcerating and persecuting honest citizens who wish to help with rodent abatement while practicing a bold and noble sport.

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