I-270 Closed Because of Bank Robbers

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Articles, Polls
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About a week ago there was a bank robbery in Maryland. The police suspected that the robbers were on Interstate 270, so  they closed the highway in both directions. Every lane was closed and the traffic was stopped for approximately 30 minutes, while the police donning automatic weapons searched for the suspects. Specifically, the  police were checking all the cars that looked like the car the robbers were suspected of escaping in. The police did wind up catching the robbers, which is good, but in closing the interstate, we think they put everybody in danger.

If the robbers saw that the road was closed and knew that the police were checking cars and looking for them, the robbers would know the police would probably catch them eventually. This would make the robbers desperate and at this point they could have taken people as hostages. What if the robbers were armed? Would the police really have been prepared to have a shoot-out with them while cars were forcibly stopped all around them?

While the police did catch the robbers, they also put everyone on the highway in harm’s way. To us, something’s not right with this. What do you think?


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