Early Signs of Spring

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Yard and Garden
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Today was about 65 degrees in our area, which feels really warm. Our mom’s snowdrops are in bloom and we’ve also seen some buds on certain plants, like our blueberry bushes. Spring is coming! Speaking of our blueberry bushes, we spent a while outside cleaning up the dirt around them so that we’d get the best berries that we can this year. Did you know that for fruit trees/bushes, you should clean the sod away for the best results? We also mulch heavily after cleaning up the ground and this keeps it tidy for many years before we have to do it again. This year was our year to clean and mulch.

Since we were already outside we decided to spend the whole day outside. We proceeded to work on the chicken tractor, which we did for the next four hours. We mainly worked on the fourth wall, which is a little bit more confusing because there are egg boxes hanging out of it, but we got it mostly finished.

It’s been a long time since we did a chicken tractor update, so I’ll say what we did. We nailed sheeting onto the three walls we had framed and then we put them up. We planned how the wheel was going to go on, and then we started to plan the fourth wall. Today, we built most of it. It’s not very much work for having had a couple of months to work on it, but it got really cold so our work was delayed. Plus, we aren’t working with pre-planned instructions so figuring out what to do next and how to do it takes a lot of time

It seems like spring might be approaching – to us. Then again, this warm weather could just be due to global warming šŸ™‚

by John

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