Swamp People – Liz and Jessica Apparently Rule The Bayou (not)

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Articles
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We just watched another episode of Swamp People called “Outer Limits”. In this episode, Liz and her daughter had a contest with Glenn and Justin (Liz’s husband) to see who could catch the biggest gator. Liz and Jessica caught a 10′ 8″ gator and Glenn and Justin caught a 9′ 7″ gator, making Liz and Jessica the winners.

In case you missed it, Glenn and Justin started helping Liz and Jessica because they were struggling. A couple of episodes ago they weren’t catching alligators, their engine broke, and Liz had yet another emotional breakdown. In short, their alligator season was falling apart. They had to recruit Glenn and Justin to try and help them fill their tags. With the help of the two men, Liz and Jessica got back on track somewhat and announced that “Women rule the bayou, baby,” and “Women can do anything men can do!” Liz was so proud of Jessica that she remarked, “That’s what I call a real woman!”

We are almost 100% nauseated by these two females – no wait – we are 100% nauseated by these two females. To point out the obvious: if women ruled the bayou, baby, why did they have to call on two men to help them? If women can do anything men can do, why were they having an emotional breakdown on every show and finding themselves helpless and crying on the show before Liz went to her husband to ask him to drop his shrimping business to help her gator hunting? It was sickening to see how happy they were with themselves, obviously not noticing the fact that without Glenn and Justin, they would probably be boo-hooing in their boat again in between cussing each other out and then hugging and making up.

Oh yeah, women rule the bayou, baby.  “I’m scared, Mom.”

by Dink and John

  1. Swamp people fan says:

    The author of this post seems pretty darn emotional too and neglected to note that Liz told Jessica women could do “almost” everything a man could do.

    Also, I remember a time when Liz helped Troy out. By your post, I guess we can assume that Troy needed a woman to help get the job done? It was a matter of whomever was available in both cases. Nothing more.

    • “It was a matter of whomever was available in both cases. Nothing more.”

      Exactly so why did they bring in the gender talk? Why did they say “women” rule the bayou?

      • Swamp people fan says:

        I would have to go back and review it but perhaps it was after catching the winning gator in their friendly little contest with “the guys”. All harmless fun and no different from the “The king of the swamp” type comments about the Troy and Junior. It’s all in good fun and nothing to be upset about.

    • First of all, we’d like to say that we aren’t upset. And yes – we thought of that, but these days some women are really obnoxious, saying that women are better than men, women can do anything men can, who needs men, men are stupid, women are smarter, women are better, etc. So we are pretty fed up with that kind of talk. Men and women can do great things and there is no need for competition between the sexes. Also, we don’t really like Liz and Jessica because they use a lot of foul language and their emotional upheavals are a little boring to watch.

      We get the impression that the “King of the Swamp” title has belonged to Troy since before History started filming Swamp People. The show has called Troy “King of the Swamp” since the first season, and they presented it like it was already his title.

      Additionally, “The King of the Swamp” was not coined by Troy himself as far as we know. Troy doesn’t say “Men rule the bayou” either. Troy talks about working hard, about his family, etc. He never brags about himself – at least we’ve never heard it. He just goes out and gives it his best. That’s what we like. We don’t like people going out and saying they’re the best, they’re this, they’re that. Some people may think that’s funny, but to us, it’s gross. His kind of humility is what makes us like him (and his sons) and Willie, Junior, Bruce, Ron, Jacob’s sometime-partner, Miss Marie, Glenn. All the old people from the show.

      The bottom line is we like humble people and at least the footage that was shown came across to us as Liz and Jessica being a little too full of themselves after having asked for help and getting it. Once again, why did they bring gender into it and make it a competition between the sexes? When Troy got Liz to help him, he didn’t prance around saying that men ruled the bayou after they caught a lot of good gators.

      So anyway, while it may have been in good fun on the show, the women’s attitude does reflect a reality in our society that is very definitely something to be upset about. People need to find everything they can to come together, not every little thing to set themselves apart (gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race for example.)

      So that’s our short answer. Have a good day 🙂

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