Mother’s Day

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, as we all know, was Mother’s Day, which we basically consider as a holiday that was made up so that big gift companies could make more money. For that reason, we usually don’t do anything for it, but this year we actually did get our mom something. We got her a bird feeder, which she’s been wanting for a while, some bird food, and a plant stand, which she also needs. We also made her waffles and bacon for breakfast and had Chinese for supper and made a cake for dessert. This might not sound like much, but believe me, it’s a lot more than we usually do for Mother’s Day which is nothing. (It’s not that we don’t appreciate our mother – far from it!)

We got a picture of our bird feeders and we hope you like it. Our Mother’s Day was pretty good, how was yours?

by John

  1. Libby says:

    Here in the UK Mother’s Day (or more correctly ‘Mothering Sunday’) was way back on 30th March.

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