We Had a Busy and Fun Day

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Articles, Videos
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Today there was a lot going on in our family. Dink took his SAT’s in the morning while me and my dad were helping our neighbors move. They’ve been loading things up into a U-Haul truck since about Wednesday, and the truck we helped fill up isn’t the last. They still have to fill up at least one more after today’s of furniture. Obviously, they had a lot of stuff in their house.

Then, after we were done helping our neighbors move, our dad’s brother (who is an electrician) came over and fixed our electric panel, which was slightly messed up. Also, most of the power upstairs was out, but when he fixed the panel, the power went back on upstairs. I suppose one of breakers had a problem, and when it was replaced, it was fixed.

After our dad’s brother left, we continued work on the chicken tractor, and got pretty much done. We finished the door that leads into the run, so now we have to hang it. When we hang it, we can get into the run (assuming we’ll ever need to). We also put hardware cloth around half of it, but then we ran out of it, so we put on both wheels and the electric box. Tomorrow, we just have to put hardware cloth around the rest of the run, and we can finally let the chickens out!

(We finished on Sunday and the video is the chickens’ first day out. They had a great time!)

by John

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