Breaking Out of Prison and Swamp People Bounty Update

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Articles
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Sure. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Breaking out of prison and giving an update on Swamp People have nothing to do with one another, but it is just what we wanted to do tonight.

First, breaking out of prison.

Yesterday, a prisoner escaped from a northern Virginia hospital. Around 7:00 am, he stole a car in Annandale, VA. Oddly enough, about 2 hours later, he stole another car right around the corner from where he stole the 1st car.

The police didn’t catch him for another 8-9 hours and they were looking in the wrong place completely. He was caught because someone recognized his face while on a bus in DC. They called the police and he was apprehended.

Well – this got us to thinking. We got to thinking, what would we do if we broke out of prison.

One thing we learned from the TV show “Prison Break” is that you have to find a way to disguise yourself. I mean the guys on that show for the most part just kept their exact same looks with the exception of one man who bleached his hair. But even he pretty much looked the same.

We thought we’d have to wear hoodies and always look down to avoid street and store cameras (face recognition you know) and we thought we’d have to wear fake glasses and do something with our hair. Then we thought about where we would go and how we would avoid both detection and the police.

As for travel, we knew we’d have to have a lot of outside help, like someone to meet you in a car or van right away, and a while later another person. Since most people wouldn’t be too keen on helping a criminal, you might have to ride a bike on a less-traveled path. If we had been this particular fellow, we’d have gone to the Potomac River and stolen a bike to ride on the C&O canal tow path. You can ride almost all the way to Pennsylvania and then you can switch to another trail almost to Pittsburgh. There’s hardly anyone on the path, either.

You could also steal some sunglasses and a helmet, so that you’d be even more disguised. But, once you got to Pennsylvania – what next? After only 5 minutes or so, we both decided that in the end, the whole ordeal would be just too stressful and that we would just go turn ourselves in 🙂

As far as the Swamp People $10,000 bounty goes, Liz and her husband, Justin, just took the lead from David and Jeromy. They brought in an 11′ 8.5″ gator on the last episode. Bruce also ruined his boat and so in addition to his new gun, he now has a new boat and it looks real nice. We still like this show even though we only really enjoy watching our favorite people and don’t much enjoy watching the rest. We usually go get something to eat when they are showing people we don’t like so much.

Okay – so that was some rambling on April 1st. Did anyone do an April Fool’s Day joke today?

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