Swamp People $10,000 Bounty Update

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Articles
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After watching Swamp People episode 11 of season 6 called “Blood Moon”, three more people have bounty entries with only 24 hours left to go before the contest is over.

Liz and Justin were on this episode and brought in an 11’9″ alligator, beating their last entry by 1/2″.

Too bad for them, but R.J. and Jay Paul got an alligator that wasn’t measured yet, but that they seemed to feel was a great entry, and Jeromy and David caught a huge one which they measured in their boat right away. They measured it to be approximately 12′ 5″.

Both R.J./Jay Paul and David/Jeromy traveled to Mississippi to hunt since hunters are allowed to hunt all through the night. Since gators are active during the night, both parties felt like they’d have a good chance…. and they both did.

So unless someone catches something really huge in the next day, it looks like Jeromy and David have the best chance of winning.

Here are the top entries before the contest is over after next week’s episode:

Junior Edwards – 11′ 6.5″
Joe and Tommy – 10′ even
Liz & husband – 11′ 9″
Jacob & Chase – 11′ 2″
Troy & “Holdy” – 11′ 4″
David & Jeromy – 12′ 5″ (still needs to be measured at Johnny’s)
RJ & Jay Paul – have an entry, but still needs to be measured

Swamp People airs on History Channel at 9/8 Central Time and is an entertaining diversion.

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