Swamp People – And The Winner Is…..

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Articles
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Yesterday’s episode of Swamp People was not the last in season 6 but the one in which the winner of the bounty was announced. Today we watched it, and it was pretty close. First of all, RJ got a secondary prize of Louisiana blue crabs for having caught the alligator with the most girth. Jay Paul and he caught an 11′ 5″, 800 pound gator up in Mississippi, but it wasn’t the longest, just the fattest.

Most of the other hunters entered something, but Liz and Justin were in 1st place coming in on the last day, with an entry of 11′ 9″. Troy went hunting with his younger brother, Guy, on the last day. They were hunting on property that used to be Junior’s (Troy outbid him and so that land will be Troy’s to hunt on for the next 5 years). There, they caught an alligator that won them $10,000. It was 11′ 10″. He’s upholding his reputation as “King of the Swamp” 🙂

We did feel pretty badly for Junior, though, because he lost the land he used to hunt on and it has big gators on it.

And then, there were Jeromy and David. They were also hunting in Mississippi, and they caught a huge gator there. They measured it in their boat to be 12′ 5″. However, on their way back, they got lost in the unfamiliar swamp. Then they got their bearings but then had to find a different way out due to the fallen water level (whereupon Jeromy commented that he’d rather be kicked between the legs than have that happen to them). Then they had to stop for ice so that their alligator would not  get completely ruined in the heat. And then David drove 50 mph back to the buyer’s, because he wanted to get there safely.

Well, they arrived well after dark, after everyone had already celebrated and left.

They would have easily won the bounty with their 12.5′ gator. Oh well, though, that’s the way the cookie crumbles :/

So that was the $10,000 Bounty for the Biggest Gator, but the season continues on. Congratulations, Troy 🙂

  1. Julie55 says:

    I was very disappointed in Troy for rubbing it in to Junior that he caught the gator on Junior’s former land. I know it’s a TV show and all, but if that really is an indication of Troy’s nature, then he just went down considerably in my estimation.

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