How Many Things Can You Call A Gator?

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Articles
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We watch Swamp People every week. Yes, it is repetitive and yes, it is sickening sometimes. We still like to see Troy and his family, Bruce and Ron, and Junior and Willie mostly.

What has gotten a little sickening is the narrator. We suppose he is having a hard time to think of what to call the next alligator someone catches, because some of the names just sound ridiculous.

Here are a few from the most recent episodes (mostly):

Devious fiend, 400 lb predatory reptile, the monster, ruthless beast, furious creature, defiant behemoth, powerful reptile, indestructible reptile, devious beast, violent behemoth, rabid reptile, deadly reptile, deranged gator, powerful predator, crafty gator, shrewd gator, monstrous gator, furious monster, powerful predator,….

Well, you get the idea. The narrator says these names with as much excitement and suspense as he can muster up and well, it’s pretty lame.

On “The Phantom” episode, Glenn and Liz’s two sons shot a lot of blackbirds. We were thinking the scene with the birds dead on the ground was probably why each show begins with the warning: “Some Images May Be Disturbing. Viewer Discretion Is Advised.” We could imagine some people being real upset about it because truthfully, it even kind of upset us.

Anyway, Swamp People isn’t what it used to be in Season 1, but we still watch it and enjoy parts of it.

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