Beautiful Day For A Bike Ride

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Articles
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One of our favorite places to go bike riding is in Washington County in western Maryland. Western Maryland is very beautiful and very unlike central Maryland. It can get pretty wild looking where we go, which we like, and the people can also get pretty wild looking as you approach the western end of the trail (and beyond). They are always very friendly, though, saying “Hey” and smiling.

Yesterday, we rode approximately 24 miles, and we saw a lot of wildlife. We saw lots of squirrels, even more deer, two wild turkeys, two copperhead snakes, a red-tailed hawk, and a lowly grasshopper. We weren’t quick enough with our cameras and so we have no pictures of the turkeys or hawk.

Luckily, one of the snakes didn’t bite Dink when he almost ran over it before recognizing it as a snake. Copperheads are one of the most common venomous snakes in our area, but usually their bites are not too serious. One of the snakes did get ready to strike when we got a little too close, so we decided to back up and leave it alone.

Then our dad told us about a man he knew who got bitten by a rattlesnake on his boot. Since he was wearing boots, he didn’t think anything of it. Long story short, the snake’s venom got through the boot, through his socks, and into a small cut in the man’s foot. It took the doctor a while to figure out what was wrong with him since the man didn’t mention the snake at first. So if you ever get bitten on your shoe by a venomous snake, know that you can still be in trouble.

As we were coming back from our ride, we heard and then saw and man flying a parawing. We have seen him flying in the area before and it was so nice yesterday, I guess he wanted to be up and about.

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