Happy Philadelphia Visit!

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Articles
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This past weekend we drove up to Philadelphia to visit our brother. It was a very jolly visit with lots of fun and interesting catching up.

We walked along the old Schuylkill River path and saw a new sculpture they put up. At the Art Museum (the Rocky museum), we turned around since our dad’s knee was bothering him.

We enjoyed a nice supper with lively conversation. Then we went out to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of our brother’s favorite whiskey. People drank varying amounts upon returning to his apartment.

Our brother does some funny things, most of which he probably would rather us not reveal. He did agree to let us share his new toilet flushing system, though.

After it broke, he twisted up a lot of those twisty things you get at the grocery store. He twisted up enough that they came up the back of the toilet and out far enough for him to grasp and pull when he needed to flush. Then one day he saw some string in a delivery of pineapples to his school (or something like that). He thought to himself, “Hmmm. That would make the perfect pull string.”

He dismantled his twisties (although a remnant was left) and attached his new string. He likes it so well that even when our dad offered to fix it, he declined his offer. We had a great time.

The one sober thing which happened was that we passed by the massive funeral procession for two deputy sheriffs who were shot for no reason whatsoever at a Panera restaurant. Every overpass was crowded with people and the sides of the highway in both directions had cars parked as they waited for the procession. Police cars, and only police cars, drove down in the opposite direction than we were driving for at least 1-2 miles. The whole scene was at once beautiful, sad, and terrible. Pictures could not capture the emotion felt on I-95 Saturday afternoon. The horrible thing that happened to those deputies and their families and communities and the horrible thing that is happening to law enforcement officers all over our country.

  1. Hope your Dad’s knee is improving

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