Spring Project #2 – Simplest Hydroponics

Posted: February 28, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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Here is our very simple hydroponics system built by our dad. We are going to grow lettuce and spinach and possibly other plants with it all year round – at least that is the hope.

He bought a Blue Hawk 10-gallon container and drilled holes (with a jigsaw) to hold the cups. In the corner is another hole covered with one of those bathtub stoppers in which to pour water and fertilizer into the tupperware. He rigged up the airstones that add oxygen to the water and also keep the water flowing.

Clay pellets are used to support the plants and we filled the baskets almost halfway with them. We had four lettuce seedlings which we felt were large enough to put in, so we planted them and a little bit later planted the bottoms of some scallions we had in the fridge.

This was technically our first spring project, but we wanted to make sure that it worked and that the plants lived before we wrote about it.

Now we know that it does work, we’re writing about it. Also, we got the idea for the scallions from this post: https://atkokosplace.wordpress.com/2015/12/08/diy-green-onions-2/ . They really are growing too!

The pictures show both our current set up and the process.

One last thing, we’ve been wanting to try hydroponics for at least a year but it was a bit intimidating. That’s why we finally decided to just do the very absolute simplest method just to see what it would involve. What we saw was that it was easy and now feel confident to move on to a larger and slightly more complicated system.

If you’ve felt intimidated, just do what we did. Get some very basic supplies and just start really small. You’ll build up your confidence to try something bigger. If you’ve ever gotten dirty – really dirty – lettuce from the grocery store, let that convince you to start growing your own plants both indoors and out, and have fresh lettuce, spinach, and more all year long.


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