Spring Project #3 – Chicken Tractor Addition

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Articles
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As you may or may not know, one of our chickens was eaten by a fox who probably jumped into their uncovered enclosure from a tree branch. We kept them in their tractor for awhile and then thought about letting them out again, but our dad was worried about the hawk who frequents our yard in the winter.

We decided that we needed to make a covered enclosure. We also decided that the easiest way to make this light, quick, and detachable was to make it out of PVC pipe and chicken wire.

The dimensions of their little pen are much smaller than the last enclosure we had, but it’s a lot easier to move and it’s safer. And since it’s easier to move, we’ll be moving the coop along with the pen more frequently so they’ll always have fresh places to scratch and fresh greens to eat.

There is a door into the pen for when we need to feed and water them. It’s constructed of another PVC pipe section. The whole contraption is connected to the chicken coop with tiny bungee cords.

This fix will only be necessary in the winter months when hawks and foxes come into our backyard for food, but it’s still good to have it. It can easily be taken completely apart and stored with each panel side by side next to a wall in our garage. Today our chickens were out in it a lot!

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