Self-Watering Planter Review

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Reviews, Videos, Yard and Garden
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The following video is a creation by Dink and me. If you bother to watch it, do keep reading afterwards because I include some links and explanations. Also, the volume fluctuates, so don’t have the volume up too high.

And in the intense awkwardness of the entire recording, I forgot to mention a few things.

Right now the plants are rather small, but that’s because we just harvested all our greens a few days ago. I also forgot to mention that while the planters do cost $119, we got them on sale and the website occasionally offers free shipping so these would be best purchased if you can wait for a good deal. You can also use some coupons if you can’t wait for a sale.

I was also mistaken about the fact that we got the planters because we ran out of room in the house. We actually ordered them because where we have them gets the perfect amount of sun for lettuce and spinach, and it’s right outside our front door so it’s very convenient to harvest right before supper.

The company we got these from is the Gardener’s Supply Company, and this is the exact planter. It’s expensive, but we think it’s well-made, handy and nice-looking. It should last for many years to come. We rate the planter a 10.

  1. I wonder if they would withstand our winds. They look as if they might

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