The Naked Bee Shampoo Review

Posted: August 7, 2016 in Reviews


My mother and I have recently decided that of all the shampoos we have ever tried, the Naked Bee shampoo stands out. Not to make it seem like I care a lot about shampoo, but I don’t want all of my hair to fall out when I’m 20; thus, I do try to use shampoos that I think are healthy since I have to shower regularly. This shampoo isn’t too heavily scented with their signature Orange Blossom Honey scent, so it’s fine for me as well as my mother to use.

She likes this shampoo because she says that it gives her hair a lot of body (not that I know what that means). I like it quite simply because it makes my hair feel cleaner than other shampoos. Also, when my hair is a short-medium length, it is prone to many random spikes of hair, but this shampoo seems to control that a bit. Maybe it’s my imagination.

One bad thing about the Naked Bee’s shampoo is that it can tend to dry out hair a bit, like a lot of shampoos. So while it wouldn’t necessarily be good to use every day, if you can let your hair get greasy, it’s really good to use. My mother and I have come to the conclusion that this shampoo is, in fact, our favorite.

All of The Naked Bee products that have the Orange Blossom Honey scent basically just smell like Smarties to me. Smarties, if you didn’t know, are little round candies and they held a distinct presence in my childhood.

We’ve reviewed a couple of other products made by The Naked Bee company. If you ever see some around and have never tried it, I recommend you give it a shot!

NOTE: We do not use expensive shampoos in our home. If you do, you may think this shampoo is not as good as your expensive kind. For us, this is very nice shampoo.

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