We Might Have A Few Peppers…

Posted: August 22, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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DSCF3529Nowadays, at our house, it’s pepper-harvesting time. All types of peppers are ready for picking: bell peppers, lunchbox peppers, bananas, bull nose, and more various assorted sweet peppers, and all sorts of chili peppers as well as other hot peppers.

On one particular day, my mother focused on picking peppers from a sizable Thai pepper plant. Thai pepper plants grow to become small bushes and produce copious amounts of peppers.

Take the pictures in the article, for example. Aside from the yellow peppers, which are cayenne peppers, all of those red and green peppers came off of one plant. And while we only have one Thai pepper plant, we have two hot Korean pepper plants which produce as many or more fruits. We’re going to have a lot of peppers!

Thankfully, we found a really good sweet chili sauce recipe that we are going to make a lot. It’s reminiscent of a spicy duck sauce and we love it already. This is the recipe: http://wheatfreemom.com/blog/recipe-gluten-free-thai-sweet-chili-sauce/

However, one can only eat so much chili sauce. The peppers are also being frozen whole and also used in various sauces and relishes which will be put up and be available for seasoning all winter long.

The thing is, these pepper plants after being cleaned of all their fruits, will produce almost the same amount of fruit before frost hits. So much food in so little space 🙂


  1. Libby says:

    It looks a wonderful array. Unfortunately peppers don’t feature much on our menu, my husband doesn’t like them!

    • It seems like pretty many people don’t care for peppers, but they are very versatile and add a lot of flavor to your food, even if you don’t eat them raw like apples. But yeah – some in our family don’t care for them either.

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