Back In Commission

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Articles
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I have now returned from my blog break and will hopefully be publishing more regularly now. To begin with, I’d like to alert everyone of a new Safeway… uh, thing. I’m really not sure what to call it, but we have written about this phenomenon before: it’s basically Safeway’s version of Green Stamps! For every ten dollars that you spend at a participating Safeway, you get one stamp. Once you have saved up a certain number of stamps, you can exchange them for a prize. Last time, you could get anything from a 3.5″ paring knife for 30 stamps to a 20 piece flatware set for 160 stamps. We got a nice 20 piece flatware set which we now save for special occasions and also a set of nice steak knives. All of the prizes were from Cuisinart.

This time, the prizes are various pots and pans from Farberware. While we’re not personally the biggest fans of Farberware products, they’re free! (if you shop at Safeway anyway, which we do) Why not collect the stamps? We’ll be trying to save enough stamps for both a 6-quart covered stockpot and a small skillet. To get both, we’ll need to save 180 stamps by January 17, 2017, when the offer ends. To be honest, though, that really won’t be difficult; we buy a lot of groceries. We’ll have to update you on our progress every once in a while.

In any case, if you do shop at Safeway (or even if you don’t), free things are never bad, are they? And even if you don’t need more pots and pans, you can always give your newly acquired ones to someone who does!

  1. Rebecca Knoll says:

    I’m just curious, I’ve been collecting the stamps and putting them down on the corresponding number. Do I need to collect them in numerical order before I can collect an item, or can I just collect the proper amount of stickers? Because I currently have several collecting sheets with various numbers blocked off.
    Thanks, Rebecca

  2. George Stamas says:

    I almost have one filled.. Clerk at my local Safeway told me to hurry and use this as it is limited to supplies on hand. I don’t see that anywhere in there rules. Any idea> Pretty sure Faberware won’t run out of product.

    • We understand that as long as you get your booklet in before the deadline of January 17, 2017, you get your prize. If a store says they ran out, imo they have to go out and purchase it for you. Your store has no business continuing to pass out stamps if they do not have the products to reward people with.

      Tickets are no longer given after January 3, 2017.

      • George Stamas says:

        Thanks! I will hope that’s the case 🙂

      • Janet says:

        I collected a total of 170 stamps in two separate booklets and was hoping to collect two prizes. I went to my local Safeway only to find that my desired cookware was out of stock. When I spoke to the employees and store director, they all said that once they sell out, they will not be getting any more. There is nothing about limited stock in the rules (only that the promotion is for a limited time) so I don’t understand why stores are not restocking… I had to call up all the surrounding Safeway stores to track down one that still had the cookware I wanted and they were low on stock too (had I gone there a day later I would have missed out completely). Please collect your prize as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! Also, there are complaints on Safeway’s Facebook page about this already and Safeway’s reply is simply that they will deliver the concerns to their marketing team for review.

      • Thanks for the information. That stinks actually. I hope we get our pan…

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