It Begins – 2017

Posted: January 29, 2017 in Yard and Garden
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Yesterday we finally took down our Christmas tree. Yes, it is a little late, but we like to leave them up for as long as possible. This time, maybe it was a little too long. The tree was pretty much falling apart, and we all scratched our hands on the surprisingly dry and prickly needles while taking off the ornaments. We had a large plastic bag to take the tree out of the house neatly, but the needles were so sharp that they tore the bag and it made a mess anyway. And that was the end of our Christmas tree for 2016. Now, in its place, the good old plastic table – for seedlings!

That’s right, we’re getting started on our 2017 garden. Today we planted a whole bunch of peppers:


HEIRLOOM California Wonder (4 peat pots)
Golden Giant 11 Hybrids (4 peat pots)
Heirloom Jalapeno Peppers (4 peat pots)
Sweet Banana Peppers HEIRLOOM (4 peat pots)
Jimmy Nardello HEIRLOOM (4 peat pots)
Espanola Improved Chile Pepper (2 peat pots)
Yellow Cayenne (2 peat pots)
Heirloom Chocolate Beauty Peppers (4 peat pots)

With 3 seeds in each peat pot, theoretically, we could wind up with 84 pepper plants in just this first planting. Many will not make it, though, and even if they did, everyone in our family loves peppers.

So it begins!

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