Dr. Malacole Peppermint and Garlic Extract Cinnamon Energy Bars Made With Bacon Bits Review

Posted: February 10, 2017 in Reviews

*Cough cough*

I was going through my old and unused drafts and I found this unfortunate piece of history. This article is a joke that Dink and I wrote back in 2013 when we were reviewing the Dr. Mercola bars. We never planned to actually publish this, but looking back four years later, it’s very interesting and I can’t begin to imagine what was possibly going through our brains.

Anyway, here’s this, whatever it is! Enjoy!

“We got these bars and they are good. They fill ya up with happiness and with the heapingness!! I can honestly say that the heapingness of which I speaketh is ostensibly heaping my good and gentle comrades of the North Pole area. The bars are filled, (as one might expect) with peppermint pieces, Garlic extract, cinnamon, and bacon bits all surrounded with chewy, delicious, mouth-watering, delectable, tasty, marshmallow and caramel and chocolate and taffy and toffee and finally, a soft layer of fuzzy cotton.”

-John’s and Dink’s brains – 2013

  1. Obviously brains temporarily mislaid πŸ™‚

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