Garden Progress

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Yard and Garden

Since I last wrote, the garden has made very good progress. So far, the only plants we’re able to harvest in good quantities are blueberries and lettuce, but we’ve also gotten a good amount of sugar snap peas. We’re also harvesting some tomatoes, strawberries, and baby carrots. Every thing else, including a lot of berries, peppers (of course), more tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, more peas, and beans, are coming along. If we take care of our trees, we may even get some apples.

As a side note, I am now completely done with school. I’m hoping to have more time to write, though, for ten days starting this Saturday, I will be gone somewhere. Regardless, I’ll try to write more now that school is done.

  1. Libby says:

    Welcome back. Well done with the garden produce – my garden is a mess, I have spent too much time away!

  2. Welcome back, Uncle John

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