Garden Progress So Far

Posted: July 30, 2017 in Articles, Yard and Garden

When last I wrote of the garden, we were harvesting lots of blueberries and not much else. Now, our blueberries have stopped producing and our tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash are in full swing. We’re also harvesting a good amount of peppers.

If you were unaware, we recently acquired a dehydrator. We’ve found some pretty good uses for it. such as drying fruits and herbs, and this year, we’re branching out. With our recent influx of tomatoes and zucchini, we also thought we’d try making dried tomatoes and zucchini chips. Unfortunately, almost everyone in my family hates the dried tomatoes – but not quite everyone. My sister actually likes them, so we’ve made plenty. To me, they just taste like highly acidic blobs. The zucchini chips aren’t bad, but no one except my sister is a huge fan of those either.

Everything else is coming along well. Our corn is still growing, we’re harvesting some green beans and wax beans, and we even have a few watermelons growing. We’ve also gotten significantly more cucumbers this year than in previous years. If all goes well, we could get some apples this year.

We leave on a week-long beach trip August 12th; we are a little worried that most of our corn will ripen while we’re away, but other than that, all is going well.

  1. Libby says:

    It’s fun to experiment – at least someone likes those dried tomatoes! I hope you produce survives your time away but it should be okay if the weather is kind to you.

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