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When last I wrote of the garden, we were harvesting lots of blueberries and not much else. Now, our blueberries have stopped producing and our tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash are in full swing. We’re also harvesting a good amount of peppers.

If you were unaware, we recently acquired a dehydrator. We’ve found some pretty good uses for it. such as drying fruits and herbs, and this year, we’re branching out. With our recent influx of tomatoes and zucchini, we also thought we’d try making dried tomatoes and zucchini chips. Unfortunately, almost everyone in my family hates the dried tomatoes – but not quite everyone. My sister actually likes them, so we’ve made plenty. To me, they just taste like highly acidic blobs. The zucchini chips aren’t bad, but no one except my sister is a huge fan of those either.

Everything else is coming along well. Our corn is still growing, we’re harvesting some green beans and wax beans, and we even have a few watermelons growing. We’ve also gotten significantly more cucumbers this year than in previous years. If all goes well, we could get some apples this year.

We leave on a week-long beach trip August 12th; we are a little worried that most of our corn will ripen while we’re away, but other than that, all is going well.

Garden Progress

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Yard and Garden

Since I last wrote, the garden has made very good progress. So far, the only plants we’re able to harvest in good quantities are blueberries and lettuce, but we’ve also gotten a good amount of sugar snap peas. We’re also harvesting some tomatoes, strawberries, and baby carrots. Every thing else, including a lot of berries, peppers (of course), more tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, more peas, and beans, are coming along. If we take care of our trees, we may even get some apples.

As a side note, I am now completely done with school. I’m hoping to have more time to write, though, for ten days starting this Saturday, I will be gone somewhere. Regardless, I’ll try to write more now that school is done.

I’m not trying to write about things I’ve heard at church particularly, but it seems that these days, I actually have something to comment on. For instance, today, the following verses from Matthew were read:


And as is often the case, I don’t really understand what Jesus is saying. He certainly isn’t suggesting that God is going to take care of us while we do not work, but He is saying that we shouldn’t worry but trust in Him to care for us. But I wonder about the people who aren’t being taken care of, at least humanly speaking. To my eyes, some people are not being taken care of at all. They are starving; they don’t have homes; they don’t have clothes.

Probably there are a lot of mumbo jumbo explanations about what Jesus meant. I still don’t know, but after thinking about it all day long, I think that no matter how things look to our eyes, Jesus is still taking care of us and we can still trust Him somehow. And anyway, what else are we supposed to do?

I don’t know. Someone shed some light here.

Above are most of our seedlings now in plastic cups and growing well.

Yesterday we finally took down our Christmas tree. Yes, it is a little late, but we like to leave them up for as long as possible. This time, maybe it was a little too long. The tree was pretty much falling apart, and we all scratched our hands on the surprisingly dry and prickly needles while taking off the ornaments. We had a large plastic bag to take the tree out of the house neatly, but the needles were so sharp that they tore the bag and it made a mess anyway. And that was the end of our Christmas tree for 2016. Now, in its place, the good old plastic table – for seedlings!

That’s right, we’re getting started on our 2017 garden. Today we planted a whole bunch of peppers:


HEIRLOOM California Wonder (4 peat pots)
Golden Giant 11 Hybrids (4 peat pots)
Heirloom Jalapeno Peppers (4 peat pots)
Sweet Banana Peppers HEIRLOOM (4 peat pots)
Jimmy Nardello HEIRLOOM (4 peat pots)
Espanola Improved Chile Pepper (2 peat pots)
Yellow Cayenne (2 peat pots)
Heirloom Chocolate Beauty Peppers (4 peat pots)

With 3 seeds in each peat pot, theoretically, we could wind up with 84 pepper plants in just this first planting. Many will not make it, though, and even if they did, everyone in our family loves peppers.

So it begins!

… in the garden and Hapkido.

Today I had my second test in Hapkido and passed fairly easily. My belt is now a slightly alarming shade of yellow although, unfortunately, on the picture, it only registered as a dull yellow. According to my instructors, this is when things get really fun – and, for some, painful. I’m certainly looking forward to it!


Today we also spent a lot of time outdoors, both splitting wood and harvesting some of the last vegetables from the garden. Tonight we are supposed to have a frost, so we didn’t want to lose any food.

We grabbed the last of our spinach, peppers, and lettuce.

We got some gnarly carrots and fed the chickens some extra greens.

We filled our raised beds with leaves for the winter. The leaves will also offer protection for the garlic bed.

We are looking forward to our broccoli and cabbages for the next month! I would have taken a picture of our kale, but it had been harvested very recently and so the plants are just now getting their leaves back.

Last of all, who picked this radish? Shown also is a box of vegetables our neighbor didn’t want (he doesn’t like lettuce, broccoli, or cabbage). And a nice bowl of kale and sweet potato soup with some bread for someone’s lunch. Not mine. I don’t like this soup 🙂

We have never stopped eating out of our garden, but I cannot believe that we will still be getting vegetables for at least the next month. Just today, we put some tender plants into our greenhouse and apparently will be continuing to grow them in there. It’s pretty amazing how much food one can grow on a small piece of property! You don’t need that much land, you just need to be willing to work for it.