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  1. Daisy says:

    My reply to the people that want swamp people to not be on any more I am from Louisiana who like watching thing about Louisiana. I do not see anything wrong with catching gators.

  2. Marco A. Pena says:

    Bounty on the Bayou

    Hi my name is Marco and we watch your show all the time, great show keep up the graet job. I’m interseted in buy some alligator skin for a custom made pair of cowboys boots. is it possible that I can buy enough to make a nice pair of boot. If possible I would like the skin on the gators back.

    Again Thanks


    • Hi Marco. Unfortunately, we are only fans of the show like yourself. Bruce Mitchell has a facebook page as do some of the others on Swamp People. Perhaps you can go there and make your inquiry and good luck to you! If you get a pair, send us a picture if you would 🙂

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