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One night while we were on vacation, we were flipping through channels on T.V. and we saw something that we thought we might like. It’s a show called Swamp People, and it’s about people who hunt alligators for money and to keep the population of the gators in check, or else the people who live in Louisiana might be in danger of being attacked. They earn most of their money from gator hunting. We watched it a lot, and found out that it comes on on Thursdays at 9/8 c.

We still watch it every week and the show probably would get boring if all the gator hunters did was hunt, but they do a lot more than that. They also hunt frogs and snakes and last week two brothers named Glen and Mitchell went into the swamp to get a cypress log to fix their front porch. Occasionally it shows them getting together with their friends and family to celebrate catching a big gator. That makes the show very interesting, and it’s also pretty amazing that the hunters can catch alligators up to 13 feet long. It’s also amazing that the gators can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. The hunters must be really good shots, because they have to hit a quarter sized kill spot in order to kill the gators, and they are always thrashing around. They sometimes snipe the gators in open water and then rush over there to pull them into the boat. This show is very entertaining, and if the History Channel keeps on putting it up, we’ll keep watching. I would rate this show on a scale of one to ten a 10 and so would Dink. If you want to watch, go to the History Channel where a new show plays every Thursday at 9/8(central).

by John