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Often times, we’ll wake up to a beautiful morning, sun shining brightly, no clouds in the sky. Then, airplanes will start going across the sky, spraying. Whatever it is they spray, it spreads across the sky, forming a grey-white haze eventually blocking the sun entirely. The streaky “clouds” that the planes spray are often referred to as chemtrails and are different from the normal contrails a plane leaves behind. For one thing, they don’t dissipate after a few seconds like contrails do. Chemtrails are a part of of weather modification on a global scale, or GeoEngineering.

What is GeoEngineering for? Well, we wrote a whole article about it (the link above), but we’re not exactly sure what they’re doing. Some people say that they are trying to bring down the temperature of the earth. Their schemes include blocking the sun from the earth and absorbing carbon dioxide. So far, none of it has worked.

The question we have about geoengineering, is why do they need to do it? Earth has been just jim-dandy since the beginning of time without humanity’s help. No one has been blocking the earth from the sun’s rays, nor absorbing carbon dioxide, or anything else. It is natural for the climate to change, growing warmer then colder and back again; it’s definitely not a new phenomenon.

What we cannot believe is how arrogant these people are – the earth does not need their help! After all, if it’s been around for billions of years as they say and life has always existed on it and continues to exist, leave it alone we say.

We’re tired of their spraying ruining every beautiful blue sky and every sunny day. We’re tired of grey skies.

Source: Geo-engineering: Climate fixes ‘could harm billions’