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Summer is almost over so we’re getting ready to go back to Philadelphia and our two sisters are getting ready for college. They have two dressers in their bedroom. One of them just took one of them to her house and the other one is coming home to take the other one back to her apartment. Our oldest brother already graduated from college and just got married, and that leaves Niles, John, and me. Us last three boys are going up to Philadelphia to struggle through school up there.

Anyway, as you might already know, we don’t like Philadelphia too much, so we have planned some things that we are going to do next year with our free time. Last year, whenever we went outside, we usually went to the river path to walk, but this year, we’re planning to walk around the city a lot more and also go visit the “Rocky” steps at the Art Museum. When we walk in the city, we’ll probably go to the Washington Square area and go into a lot more shops and eating establishments. John and I will also probably run up the Rocky steps and get a video of that. We are also planning to spend a lot of time inside the museum looking at art instead of just going inside to use the bathrooms. We are also going to audition for a youth orchestra at church. Hopefully, we’ll be accepted, and hopefully, this will make Philadelphia funner.

by Dink

Things are able to change very swiftly at the Schuylkill River Path. Near the Art Museum and the “Sculpture Gardens”, there was a big field of grass that we once played football in. We haven’t walked on the path in a while and last Sunday when we did go, we discovered that they had put mulch all over the field and planted flowers in it. Paths run through the garden dividing it into squares but you can’t walk on them yet because they haven’t finished them. We thought it was really dumb of them to make this garden because there was absolutely no reason why they should have put it there. It was good like it was. It probably cost a TON of money to make that garden and on top of that, they ruined our football field!

by John

While walking on the Schuylkill river path, we saw an art museum and decided to go into it. The entryway¬†was very grand, and I thought that the art would be very impressive. However, the art was exactly the opposite, meaning the small amount of art that we saw was terrible. Okay, to be honest, it wasn’t that¬†bad, but it was very modern and pointless. I never got into the whole “modern art” thing and I’m sorry, triangles and squares don’t impress me no matter what anybody says or writes about them. When did art become shapes and furniture? (See our article “Sculpture Gardens”). Alright then, back to the point. The paintings and drawings in the museum were very interesting. Although I couldn’t tell what most of them were, they sure were entertaining, in a convoluted way. My favorite one was a painting of a cactus because it seemed like it was the most like actual art.

by John and Dink