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Drawing a Tree

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Dink's Drawings
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While we’re still on the topic of art, I’m taking an drawing class this year and one of my most recent assignments was to go outside into nature and draw something such as a bug, a leaf, or a sunset. It could really be anything, as long as it was “natural”. Also, I couldn’t just take something natural into the apartment, I actually had to be outside while drawing. It was a little hard to find any nature in Philadelphia, but I finally chose to draw a tree near the dog park.DSCF0484 I didn’t finish drawing all the needles on the tree, so I might go back tomorrow to finish it up.

Thanks for reading and if you have a comment, then I’d be happy to hear it, especially if it is a comment that would help me improve the drawing!

by Dink

Every once in a while, peDSCF0445ople hold art shows around Rittenhouse Park. They surround the park with tents and assorted artists come to show their paintings/drawings/sculptures. Last weekend, one such show was held, and we went and got some pictures of it.

Here’s how the art shows work. The artists are each assigned one tent to hang their art in. Artists came for various states. Some of the states that caught our eye were North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

We walked through the tents and looked at all the paintings. I have never been to one of these shows before, and it was pretty fun to look at all the paintings and sculptures. We are usually pretty negative about all the art we see in Philadelphia, but this time we decided to concentrate on the good instead of making fun of the bad. Excluding the thing with the shapes, all of the pictures we took were of ones we liked.

Actually, we thought that there were only two or three artists that showed a great amount of talent or originality. The other artists’ work was good, but there were only a few that were really exceptional in our opinion.  We noticed that a lot of the artists enjoyed painting water – river bank, lakes, and beaches seemed to be a favorite theme.

The paintings in these exhibits were not just for looking at, they were also for sale and the price tags were terrifying. Some of the paintings cost up to $8,000, and as good as some were, we wouldn’t even consider buying them for that price. They were fun to look at though.

There is usually an arts & crafts fair in the spring again in Rittenhouse Square Park, so if you live close to Philadelphia and go, maybe we’ll see you!

by John and Dink

Things are able to change very swiftly at the Schuylkill River Path. Near the Art Museum and the “Sculpture Gardens”, there was a big field of grass that we once played football in. We haven’t walked on the path in a while and last Sunday when we did go, we discovered that they had put mulch all over the field and planted flowers in it. Paths run through the garden dividing it into squares but you can’t walk on them yet because they haven’t finished them. We thought it was really dumb of them to make this garden because there was absolutely no reason why they should have put it there. It was good like it was. It probably cost a TON of money to make that garden and on top of that, they ruined our football field!

by John