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While walking on the Schuylkill river path, we saw an art museum and decided to go into it. The entryway¬†was very grand, and I thought that the art would be very impressive. However, the art was exactly the opposite, meaning the small amount of art that we saw was terrible. Okay, to be honest, it wasn’t that¬†bad, but it was very modern and pointless. I never got into the whole “modern art” thing and I’m sorry, triangles and squares don’t impress me no matter what anybody says or writes about them. When did art become shapes and furniture? (See our article “Sculpture Gardens”). Alright then, back to the point. The paintings and drawings in the museum were very interesting. Although I couldn’t tell what most of them were, they sure were entertaining, in a convoluted way. My favorite one was a painting of a cactus because it seemed like it was the most like actual art.

by John and Dink