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About a year ago, while playing football in our backyard, we noticed some things that looked like sticks from a distance, but when we examined them, we realised that they were two deer legs. We stopped the football game and were slightly disturbed for a while because we couldn’t fathom how these two legs got there. Then we figured that a hunter must have shot the deer, then cleaned it and cut off its legs. Then a wild animal probably dragged it into our yard before he became aware that he couldn’t eat them and left them alone. The legs looked pretty cool. They still had fur on them and you could see the bones and the knee-joint and everything. We thought it was weird but sort of funny. Another thing we thought was funny was this smashed rat on the Schuylkill river path. It was on a grate that lets water down and was as thin as paper. It looked like a couple of cars had run over him. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it but I’ll describe it as good as I can. It was very flat, like I already said, and had very matted dirty gray fur. Its tail was sort of bent and the parts of him that weren’t supported by the grate sagged down so that he resembled a wavy potato chip. We stared at him for a while and then moved on. The next time we came by, we were disappointed. Our friend the rat was gone.

by Dink