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On the latest show of Swamp People, they finally showed who won the bet between T-roy and Bigfoot, and Troy and Brandon. The bet was for who could catch the biggest alligator. If Troy caught the bigger gator, then he would get one of T-roy’s $3000 alligator scabbards (made from the hide of a big alligator that he caught last year), and if the Texans caught the bigger gator, then Troy would cook them supper. T-roy and Bigfoot were able to bring in an 11 foot 7 inches long alligator on their last day of Louisiana gator hunting. That was their biggest alligator of the season and they were pretty confident that that would beat Troy’s gator.

However, Troy was able to catch a 12 foot long alligator on his last line of the day so Troy won. We were worried that he would feel bad about taking the Texan’s $3000 scabbard, but he did take it. Good for him. After all, the Texans bet on it and a bet is a bet. Troy took the scabbard, but he still invited them over for supper, even though he won the bet. They ate crabs and crawfish stew, which both looked very good. Anyway, we were proud of Troy for taking his prize. While T-roy prepared to give him the scabbard, he said, “Well, Mr. Troy, we lost the bet.” Then, handing over the scabbard, he said,  “This is part of my boat. This is part of my teammate and me. Me and Bigfoot want you to have that.” It was almost like he wanted to make Troy feel guilty for taking it even though he won the bet fair and square. On the other hand, maybe he just wanted to let Troy know how much the scabbard meant to him so that he would take good care of it although I’m sure Troy would have anyway.

by Dink and John