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On the History website, they have an additional series that comes after the Swamp People season called “After the Hunt.” “After the Hunt” is basically short clips of random activities that the swampers partake in. For instance, they showed Troy making a deer stand, and they show Junior and Theresa hunting gar fish. Those videos were good, but we especially liked it when they showed Bruce making what he calls a “fatty.” This recipe is, as Bruce puts it, a bunch of meat wrapped in meat.

You mix 5 lb of hamburger meat and maybe about 3 lb of breakfast sausage and some dry breadcrumbs. You then make a big meatball out of this and flatten it out to make a rectangle. In this rectangle, you put more meat. You can put any kind of sausage you want (Bruce used andouille), and Bruce also put in some crab meat and shrimp. You don’t have to put in the seafood, but that was what Bruce put in that time. Then you add some kind of spicy cheese, maybe like pepper jack or habanero cheddar. It seems that this recipe is pretty flexible. It is now ready to “roll.” You make a big burrito out of it, seal the ends, and wrap the whole thing, top and bottom, with 3 pounds of bacon. As Bruce’s’ hunting partner, Ron, puts it, it’s like a hamburger meat burrito.

Now it’s ready to cook. Bruce cooked it in an outside smoker oven on 250 degrees Fahrenheit, for 5 to 6 hours. He had a pan of water in the stove to keep it moist. Here is a link to the video in case you want to see him make it – After the Hunt: Bruce Rolls a “Fatty”.

When we saw this video, we immediately wanted to make one. We thought we’d have to make it smaller than his, because we don’t have an outdoor oven but as it turns out, we probably could have made one just as big….. maybe.

But still, we made one, and it came out pretty well. We used 3 pounds of hamburger meat, 1 lb of breakfast sausage (we want more next time), Andouille sausage with some crab and shrimp and spicy cheese – just like Bruce. We cooked it on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 hours. Next time, we’ll probably lower that heat. Our father had to go somewhere, so we had to hurry it up. Also, next time, we won’t use lean beef. We’ll use 80%. We also cheated on the bacon, only covering the top and tucking the ends under, but next time, we are going to wrap top and bottom like you are supposed to.

There were some flaws in our recipe, but it is still really good. The best part is making it, but when we woke up this morning, we wanted a big piece. We had to wait for lunch, and we thought the leftovers tasted even better. Dink thinks he’s addicted to it.

We plan to fiddle around with making a fatty so it will be even better. Here are some pictures that we took of our fatty. Bruce should have a cooking show. It’s really fun to listen to him and watch him and his recipes are awesome!

Good luck if you try to make this. It’s really good!

by John

This week’s Swamp People episode contained a lot of good quotes, good information, and an old Mitchell family recipe and just in case you missed the show and are unable to watch it, here’s a basic overview.

First of all, the episode is called “Lightening Strikes” because the swampers face a thunderstorm, but hunt anyway because they have only nine days left in the hunting season. Bruce captures all of their attitudes by saying if they got struck by lightning, they wouldn’t know it anyway, so “it wouldn’t make any damn difference”.

David and Jeromy go to a remote channel that isn’t usually accessible, but because of the heavy rain, is that day. After a tiring struggle to catch a big 10-footer, Jeromy says “I almost messed in my britches”. Describing the hard rain, David remarks “It’s like a cow peeing on a flat rock” while Jeromy puts it this way, “That frigging rain is tearing my eyeballs up”. Later, these two get another twelve-and-a-half footer on a line, but they lose it and then proceed to get angry and blame each other for the loss.  They eventually start hitting each other with their hats and saying, “That hurts!” and we get another lovely quote from David: “Today, I don’t think he’s worth a pinch of dog poop”.  These guys have some very colorful language as I’m sure everyone would agree. Unfortunately, David and Jeromy were unable to catch the Beast of the East.

In this episode, we learned that gators love the smell of dogs (coyotes) and wild hog. We learned that wild hogs smell really bad even when they are alive – they just smell bad naturally. David and Jeromy explained about the coyotes and the Texans explained about the hogs. Why did the Texans have to go catch a wild hog? Because they were hunting with their special marsh marinade which they put it on chicken that is not rotten. Unfortunately for them, the rain washed away all of the marinade leaving them with un-stinky chicken hanging on their lines. Naturally, the gators weren’t interested in it. So they went on a wild hog hunt which looked pretty fun. They found one after a while, and after a few shots Bigfoot finally hit it. They used the liver as bait and took the rest of the meat home to freeze.

RJ and Jay Paul were also on this episode and they caught pretty many gators. There isn’t too much to say about them, but they did have a good day hunting in the rain and lighting. In fact, they believed that the bad weather would help them rather than hinder them. At the start of their hunting day, Jay Paul said that he was “sure that we’ll catch some good ones”. They didn’t catch any huge alligators, but they did catch pretty many smaller ones.

Toward end the show, we were treated to an old Mitchell family recipe called “Swinging Chicken”. Bruce was making the treat for Tyler (Bruce’s dog)  and also for Ron and family. Tyler fell out of the boat while Bruce and Ron were hunting and scared Bruce to death so they went home taking the rest of the day off. Anyway, here’s how Bruce tells how to make Swinging Chicken: “Get an old coffee can, put some charcoals in it and wrap basically anything you want up in tin foil, hang it up in a tree or whatever,  just let it swing and let it cook, and that’s a swinging chicken.” (Just in case it isn’t obvious, the charcoals have to be red hot).

It looked like it made a real tender chicken and might be something we’d want to have on one of our camping trips. If we ever caught a fish we could eat, we could have a swinging fish.

UPDATE: A lot of people are asking for cook time. Here is a good video called  “Coffee Can Chicken”: you can watch to hopefully help you feel a little bit more confident for your 1st Swinging Chicken. It takes 3 hours for a 3 lb chicken to cook. It’s lots of fun and tastes great. Good luck!

by John and Dink

The episode was called Deadly Chill because a cold front came to the area making it very difficult, if not impossible, to hook any gators. RJ and Jay Paul and Chase and Jacob were the two teams that seemed the most affected by the cold.

Rj and Jay Paul haven’t been on for awhile. We think it’s because they had to show the Texans before they had to go back to Texas. Anyway, they shot a huge gator in open water and had to hurry to get it. It was only stunned and  it was pretty exciting there until they shot it again and got it into their boat. RJ used a lot of language, but the difference with RJ is that he knew he was using language that he doesn’t normally use (and you get the impression he would prefer not to use it) and was kind of apologizing for it. Since the cold front came in and the gators weren’t biting, RJ got the male parts from the gator they just caught to use as bait. The idea was that if another male gator caught the scent of those male parts in his territory, it would enrage him and he would attack – and get hooked. It worked, and they got well over a 700 pound male alligator. That’s a pretty smart technique and one the RJ learned from previous generations. That’s one good thing about all of these hunters. They aren’t just on their own starting from scratch. There is a long tradition before them and they are smart enough to listen and learn from their elders.

Chase and Jacob dealt with their problem in a different way. They found a hidden warm spot behind a levee. They scouted out the area and counted 9 big gators right off the bat. To clear a path, they had to cut down 40-50 trees with their chain saw and a machete. It took them 2 hours of hard work. Our dad sometimes has to cut down trees and you can bet that cutting that many trees in that short a time is back breaking work. Then Jacob had to get going 30 mph to get over 50 yards, jumping the levee. Well, he didn’t quite make it – he knew the distance was too great, but he didn’t get hurt either. He got far enough that the two boys could fairly easily pull the boat to the other side. They caught a lot of large gators with an average length of around 8 feet, so their risk and effort really paid off for them. Troy was probably real proud of them.

Bruce and Ron are having a better season than it was looking like they might have. This episode, they were hunting for a cannibal gator who was ruining their catches. They did finally catch it sleeping and it was huge with its belly stuffed with alligator meat most likely. It kind of reminded us of the story of Little Red Riding Hood with the wolf’s belly stuffed full. They didn’t show Bruce giving Tyler his zebra cakes, but he probably did since it was such a good catch.

Last, but definitely not least, Glenn was on the show. The water had receded from his house but he was still on his porch swing alone. Luckily, he has a good and faithful friend named TK. TK came over and they went squirrel hunting together. One funny thing is when they were setting off, Glenn’s dogs were coming along and Glenn said, “Come on, turds.” He called his dogs “turds” and it was pretty amusing. All in all, it was a pretty satisfying show.

The most recent episode of Swamp People was a good one because they showed Junior and they haven’t done that in a while. We always like to see Junior and Willie, although Willie has been hunting with his brother Randy lately so that they can catch more gators.

Junior was hunting with Malcolm and he was headed for a part of the swamp that was blocked off by a metal dyke. They  drove up to the dyke dragging a pirogue and pushed the pirogue over the wall so that they could hunt on the other side of the dyke. A pirogue is a small boat that has no motor, so somebody has to paddle the boat. Malcolm paddled, and it was funny to see Junior just sitting in the back of the boat giving orders. Since a pirogue isn’t very big, they didn’t want to put an alligator in the boat because it would probably sink it. So, after they had shot a gator, they attached a life jacket onto the gator and floated it to the metal dyke and loaded him onto the big boat. I think Malcolm was probably pretty tired because they caught at least 7 alligators, so Malcolm had to go back and forth quite a lot. Junior sure is Captain of his boats; everyone obeys him and I think we would too if we were there with him.

Bruce was on the show again, which was good. They don’t show him very much and so we always like it when he’s on. Bruce is one of our favorite swampers because he is really nice. Jacob’s grandpa Duffy was also on this episode and he was helping Jacob and Chase hunt gators. It is kind of amazing because Duffy is seventy years old and he’s still hunting gators. He’s a really good shot, too. We never saw him miss in the whole episode. He kept calling Chase “crapaud” so we looked up the meaning. We found a few that said crapaud is a species of  large frog and we were pretty sure that’s not what he meant. We later found out that it is also slang for a French person.

History Channel needs to make Swamp People a year-round show, every week a new show. It’s the only way to see everyone enough to satisfy us!

by John

In case you don’t already know, we watch Swamp People, and there’s this swamper named Bruce Mitchell. He hunts alone, but he does bring his dog and after he catches a good gator, Bruce feeds his dog some Zebra Cakes. So for Niles’ last birthday, as a joke gift, we got him a box of Zebra Cakes with a picture of Bruce on it. After he threw the box away, we stuck the picture of Bruce in the van, and surprisingly enough, it’s still there. Anyway, we just think it’s funny that we have a picture of Bruce in the van.

by Dink