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A while ago we got a box of dehydrated marshmallows from a place called Dutch Valley. I think Mennonites run the business and they sell food in bulk. The box of marshmallows weighed about 7 lb. They’re really inexpensive, and they taste good plain or with cereal of some kind. If you mix them with Cheerios, they taste sort of like Lucky Charms. So if you like Lucky Charms, you might want to buy some dehydrated marshmallows and Cheerios because it’s a lot less expensive than Lucky Charms. Also, you can put however many marshmallows you want into the cereal. Sometimes we think they don’t put enough marshmallows into the Lucky Charms, but this isn’t a problem anymore. These marshmallows are awesome and I think they will last a long time because the box is really big, even though we can only eat them with Cheerios for dessert.

by John