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Well, Thanksgiving is now well over, and we’re getting into the Christmas spirit. Last year, we wrote about putting up our Christmas lights (Our Christmas Lights). If you’ve noticed, we haven’t written about that yet, but they are up and shining. The reason we didn’t write about putting the Christmas lights up is because we never took them down 🙂

Since we didn’t have to spend time today putting up Christmas lights, we began work on our chicken coop. Over the summer, we decided that we were going to get chickens. We knew that we either wanted to manage chickens or an Aquaponics system, and we decided to focus in on chickens this year.

Before we could begin work on it, we had to figure out what kind of chicken coop we wanted, what we would need to make it, get dimensions on it, and buy wood to build it. We did this before Thanksgiving so we could begin to build it today. We are actually making what is called a chicken tractor – a portable chicken coop. So far, we have the frame for the hutch, as well as part of the walls for it. Later, when we’re done with the hutch, we are going to build the run and bolt the two sides together. At that point, we’ll be done. It may sound easy, but there are many side details that are difficult to work out.

Anyway, like we said, we’re already getting ready for Christmas. The pastor at our church said that he was already looking around his house for new places to decorate. If you’re putting up Christmas lights (or building anything), have fun and we hope it goes well!