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The Mysterious Chicken Deaths

Posted: February 7, 2017 in Articles
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We recently heard news that almost all of our friend’s chickens were dying. At first they thought it was weasels or some other pest, but when more started dying, they took one to a vet and discovered what was killing them. The vet informed them that they were dying due to a lack of water several months ago.

Even if it is only for 1 or 2 days and even if they start drinking water right after, going without water will kill a chicken. Or that’s what the vet said.

So, apparently what happened was a while ago, my friend’s chickens went without water for some reason, and ever since, their insides have been drying up, and then they died. I just thought it was odd that even if they drink water after being dehydrated, they can’t recover.

Anyway, now we know. And obviously, if you have chickens, you will want to make sure your chickens always have plenty of water available for them!

DSCF3448As you may know, we bought three new chickens this spring. We had a bit of trouble making them get along with the older chickens, but now they can, in general, hold their own. In addition, they’re finally laying eggs! Yesterday we got three small eggs as well as two larger eggs.

We made a bit of a mistake in regards to our chickens, though. We should have just gotten rid of all five of our old chickens, but instead, we got three more and integrated them (rather painstakingly). Now that our old ones are petering out, we are going to need to give them to a farm. At that point, we’ll either have to stick with three chickens for several years, buy more and go through the same long process of getting the older chickens to accept the younger ones, or give the three chickens away to the same farm and just a whole new lot.

Decisions, decisions. At least we’ll have a more regular egg supply now!

The Three Children

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Articles
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Today we procured three new chickens! They are from the same farm as last time, and also are the same hybrid breed of chicken – red comets. We bought these three because two of our chickens got eaten, one died of natural causes, and the other five have slowed down on laying.

We put the new chickens adjacent to our other chickens, but in a way such that the other chickens can’t get to them, just in case the old ones feel like being bullies or have cannibalistic tendencies. The new chickens, at about fourteen weeks, are much younger than those we have gotten in the past, and they are quite soft and light, not to mention small. So small, in fact, that they had trouble perching on the makeshift roost we put up for them. They ended up crowding onto the log that acted as a support for the roost to sleep for the night.

We’re giving them a few days to realize that this is their home now, and for the older chickens to get used to them. Right now, it seems like they are adjusting pretty well. Also, I somehow forgot to take pictures of the chickens, but I did film them, so you can see them there. It’s the older chickens that are making so much noise and I’m sure they were pretty much terrifying the younger chickens. Hopefully they will settle down in the next week!

What About the Deer?

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Articles
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I think a lot more people are now keeping chickens for either the eggs or the meat, and since not all of them have owned chickens before, they don’t know that chickens won’t freeze in the winter (that’s what their feathers are for).

Apparently the internet now has a lot of pictures of chickens wearing sweaters, which started with one woman who knitted sweaters for chickens. I can only imagine how miserable those poor chickens were.

My question is, if dogs and cats, and now chickens, get sweaters, why don’t deer? Why don’t wild turkeys get sweaters for the bitter cold weather to which they haven’t adapted yet? We (don’t) see so very many frozen deer whilst driving through the woods and we wish that we could have supplied them with sweaters to save them from that terrible fate.

Perhaps one day people will realize that animals adapt to the conditions around them. It’s one of the things that something must be able to do in order to be considered alive – to sense changes in their surroundings and respond to those changes. Chickens have under their regular feathers very warm downy feathers.

So don’t worry about your chickens freezing. They’re fine without sweaters.

Rest in Peace, Ricardo

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Articles
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Today I went outside to bring down recycling bins, and I heard a bunch of squawking coming from the chicken coop. I wentrip down to the pen, and I saw the chickens flying around, and one laying on the ground, dead. It was killed by a fox that, when it heard me, ran off into a neighbor’s yard, which is why it didn’t take the chicken with him.

We are guessing that the fox either jumped into a tree, one of whose limbs hung over the chicken fence, or that it jumped onto a part of the coop and got into the fenced-in area that way. We aren’t sure.

It was Ricardo, a dark chicken who was one of our favorites….

Needless to say, we are going to have to find a solution because once a fox tastes a chicken, it remembers where it found it. And this fox knows that there are more.